Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill
Coachella Valley Brewing Co Monumentous IPA

What’s on Tap in La Quinta – Monumentous IPA

How It Tastes Our latest IPA from Coachella Valley Brewing Co. will be sure to impress your taste buds. If you are looking for a bright, hoppy beer with a lingering bitterness, Monumentous is a great choice. Inspired by the Joshua Tree National Monument, this ale is suitably...
Mad River Brewing Company Flor De Jamaica Ale

What’s on Tap in Palm Desert – Flor de Jamaica

Taste This is a great beer for intensely hot days as the summer closes out. The Flor de Jamaica ale is a fantastic combination of hops and refreshing floral and strawberry tones. Looking for an escape? This beer is infused with dried Hibiscus flowers, so you can truly taste the...
acme california ipa

What’s on Tap in La Quinta – Acme California IPA

Taste Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill’s Old Town La Quinta location has a new beer on tap! The North Coast Brewing Company’s Acme California IPA is hoppy and dry, but deliciously drinkable. It also offers a fantastic fresh, fruity aroma. Bottle We love the vintage-looking...